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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Media Influencer Tanko Lami Acquires A New Car

Social Media Influencer  Tanko Lami Acquires A New Car 


Popular media influencer Tanko Lami acquires a brand new car.
The media sensation couldn't hide her joy as she took to her social media page (@Tanko Lami -Facebook) to share a lovely picture of herself holding the keys to a brand new car while standing beside the vehicle. 

Fans and friends were all over her comment section as they pour in prayers and congratulate the new car owner while wishing her more of God's blessings and favours.

She again share a lovely picture of herself to her fans and family while admiring her new ride with a caption " He makes everything beautiful in His Time " - Tanko Lami.

Tanko Lami is a Content creator, Social Media strategist/manager, Brand & Sales strategist, Content/Writing Coach.
She has created contents for popular brand and drive business strategy for several other brands including Jumia Nigeria.

She's also  The Team leader @ TheLahmi Company a social media sensation full of poise, Charisma, and intelligence that Create brand awareness for businesses as well as social media management services. 

Read an Exert of Tanko Lami below (culled from her facebook profile) :

Lami Tanko team leader TheLahmi Company is a social media sensation full of poise, Charisma, and intelligence. As a social media influencer with quality-active followers, she possesses notable qualities such as, responsible and deliberate leadership, audience targeting, and strategic communication skills. These qualities are evident in her impressive Flow of ideas &value dissemination to her audience via her Facebook profile, which has earned her the attention of top personalities recognized home and abroad. 

Lami Tanko is result-driven, she wears positively contagious energy and attitude towards work, she offers top-notch professionalism in the execution of her duties to her clients. This evidence is clearly presented on her Facebook wall, in form of testimonials by satisfied clients. Her competence is duly praised by everyone who has worked with her, directly or indirectly.


Lami Tanko inspired by the challenging experiences of her childhood, is an advocate for positive change and regeneration of healthy lifestyles & mindsets among young people, the very core of her values are patience, consistency, and growth. In fulfilling purpose and working towards her life goal to revive the faith and hope of young people from humble backgrounds, in God and themselves. 

She is a Social Media Manager, specializes in targeted personal branding 

Content Creator, Commercial copywriter 

Lami Tanko is a brand visibility strategist, PR 

expert, and social media sensation full of poise, Charisma, and Intelligence, she is gradually and surely making a mark for good in her generation.

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