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Friday, January 1, 2021

Ranivibe Media To Launch Music E-PIN System For Artists

Ranivibe to Launch Music E-PIN system where artists can presale their song(s) easily without logins.

This was contained in a press release on Thursday being 31 december 2020, where the Chief Executive Manager and Web Consultant of Ranivibe.com discussed how artists could presale their songs on Ranivibe E-PIN System which is called "Rani E-PIN System".

He further elaborated how the Rani-E-PIN system will help artists to pre-sale their songs before the main release date for free downloads.

Below is the stated process of how it works.

1. Artists can submit their songs to the Admin.

2. Admin Uploads the song.

3. Admin Generate E-PIN via Rani E-PIN system, each pin is allowed to be used once just like a recharge card that can be used once per person and becomes invalid to another person.

He further said each song has it's own unique pin, viewers can't  use same PIN to download another song (avoiding fraudulent activity on the PIN)

After a user has downloaded the song he can't share the song link to another user thinking the link of the song is now totally open for free download.

4. Admin then sells the E-PIN to the Artist at a scheduled price, each pin will be sold at 20naira per E-PIN only, admin can generate up to 1Million pin and sale to the Artist, E-PIN quantity is based on Artist demand.

5. Artist sells his track E-PIN to his fans, his fans buy the E-PIN and visit the song link and then download the song, that's all.

Likewise to any content can be sold on ranivibe Premium Cart.

He explained to us that the E-PIN System is not limited to artists alone.

But to any content Creator, authors that want to sell their books, school materials etc can use this system too.

Don't worry because the the E-PIN System is fully secured, Ranivibe boss said the team was able to close all form of fraudulent activity such as copy and paste in the post content is not longer allowed, RSS feed has been disabled, so no forms of hackers to hack the lock 🔐 page at all.

This is a waw innovation from the whole of Ranivibe's Team and her fans too.

Visit ranivibe.com for more details...

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