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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

STORY: DILEMMA - Naphtali Felix Adda



Hello! My name is Deborah, Debby for short, from Demsa Local Government Area of Adamawa State. I am sure circumstances are situations we do not predict before it overshadow us.

Part 1

There lived a young Lady in her early twenties with a normal life of a beautiful and promising future who got wooed at every space of time. Debby is that young lady. A law student at Bayero University Kano,Nigeria. She's tall, slim, chocolate skinned and her pointed nose would make one notice her before coming to a close range. If one would be asked to add her characteristics, they include: simplicity, honesty and humility. Her intellectual abilities attracted both her age grades and older ones, especially in her faculty. She had  CGPA of 4.71 and  4.88 respectively in the previous sessions.

 It all started with Martin a 400level students from the faculty of Engineering who seem to like Debby; of course, like minds; he is also not doing bad academically. He seem to be some years older too.
"You are Deborah right?" He asked
"Debby, for short" she jokingly replied.

Martin seem to be already in love with Debby, although she asked for more time to judge her feelings .
" Take your time Debby, I am not in a rush" said Martin.

Two weeks later, she met Martin on her way to the stadium at bank road just close to Dangote Business School. He followed and insisted that she must give him her  phone number. Their conversation was going perfect and  Okay. She stood for a while and nodded ,..."ehm...Martin, are you ready for a commitment? I'm sure you understand what I mean, noting the fact you just have few years to graduate?"
He replied : "Love knows no distance. sacrifice, understanding, patience and commitment are ingredients to a successful relationship" he boldly said like being asked "if he was guilty or not guilty".

Going forward, during the course of the relationship, it was a rosy and all perfect with commitment, passion, affection and sacrifice with both them living in same environment. One would not be somewhere without the knowledge of the other.

Part 2

Their relationship became the talk of the town; Campus, Church and even the workers in  Adobayero mall at the Shoprite were familiar with the lovebirds. They just seemed so perfect for each other.
"Debby, how did we make it this far?, this is our second year" Martin said holding her hands while they walked down to school of post graduate studies.

Martin Awumtiya was an indigene of  Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa state and a kilba by tribe. This made everything easy because both of them were from the same state. Sometimes, Debby would intentionally delay her resumption just to wait for him. Travelling together was more than a fairytale.

All through the two years, their relationship was a perfect love story. The decision to be committed to each other became demanding. He gave Debby his words to be committed to her until he puts the ring.

On the 6th of August, 2012, came the time for separation because of the compulsory National Youth Service . Debby cried because she knew, she was going to miss Martin around. She had two more sessions before she graduate. Her friends would tease her   "Debby...Martin will soon leave you, it will be good for you to start getting used to us". That faithful day Martin was set to leave for Akwa-Ibom. They made promises to keep the relationship going through phone calls, text messages and alternatively meet during holidays at Yola town, where they both resides.
    " Debby, my love for you has been planted in my heart, things may not be the same after I leave you, but I will always love and stay true to you" Martin said looking straight into her eyes with tears rolling down his cheeks. She cried along, hugged him and waved him good bye. While on his way, they would exchange text messages at a given space of time just to hear from each other.

Two months later, the changes that comes with distance crept in. Debby had to cope with these changes but these changes continued and they became  habitual as time progresses. Martin's excuses became more frequent. He would either say he was busy or he was too tired because he was being drained with work at his place of primary assignment. From decrease in conversation to decrease in commitment, to not giving attention to details like forgetting anniversaries and not even returning text messages. Debby, being a lady would sometimes wonder and shed tears whenever she was alone. Habitual cries and despair affected her performance drastically.

Part 3

Things were not the same like they used to, their perfect love story was becoming a memory and a nightmare to deal with. "What is happening to our relationship?" Debby asked Martin, but Martin did not give a genuine answer. Debby refused to drew a conclusion that Martin was seeing Someone else.
Then it became a relationship of complaining and nagging today and making up tomorrow.

After about a year, which was already the end of NYSC, it became worst. They could sometimes not speak for a week. What kind of a relationship was that? Debby remained steadfast and committed but Martin showed no sign of retrieving his steps. Friends talked Debby to forget about him, but she never opened up to tell people of her relationship illness, because most of them would not mind making jest of her knowing fully well how they were into one another three years back.

To God be the glory Martin completed his NYSC, but they are already in their second year of being apart physically and in heart. Debby  decided to act up like Martin, she would not call nor text. She would not show her feminine weakness as before; then it is either Martin  was nagging or the young lady. At the end of it all, because of lack of effective communication, they became and talked like strangers.

Amidst this, Debby was already conversing so well with another young man. He seemed older though, but not as Martin. He is Collins Lontong, from Plateau state. Whom for the past seven month of Martin's drama has been consistently following her. Communication got so well with the new young man that she did not even realize that all of her free time was into conversing with him.
One thing led to the other and Collins was already professing love. Well, she was lost, she has found herself in such a tangle.

Final Episode

Debby's affection and love for Martin depreciated by the day. She has chosen to walk away when he started becoming violent not in actions but in words and you know words when spoken can not  be taken back.

Her attention was already drifting away from Martin to Collins.The new young man was already engrossed, and since she was a straight forward person, she needed to clarify things.
She asked: " Are you in for commitment?" He affirmed.
There is a bone of contention, because the former (Martin) wants another chance and the later(Collins) refused give up too.

Debby isolated herself from them both. She was in a deep thought because the former was attesting to have a changed character, with all humility wants her back. She was just left with few months to be a full fletched graduate and a lawyer.

Whenever the new young man (Collins) comes into her mind, all her fears were usually based on the wasted years with the former (Martin).

-This is the DILEMMA-


What would you do if you are Debby? What could possibly be your take on this?

All Right Reserved
©Naphtali Felix Adda 2020

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