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Thursday, April 2, 2020

LYRICS: Lyrical Legendd - The Sniitch (Jeblinx Reply)


I know You're hungry at home, that's why I send couple of bars to feed you
Little boy you're fatherless, that's why  am here to adopt you

But I see son growing big and his feeling trending on..line
Don't you fuck with ya father land coz ya father land is ya own land...

Boy, you're talking shits you ain't supposed to,
Boy, You're fuckin people you ain't supposed to

I feel upset I feel so sad when my son misbehaved
And as a dad, I gotta plead, so am pleading on behalf of my son

I fuck everybody supporting you
I fuck everybody respecting you

Little Boy, hold...on
Let me put some sense into ya main brain

Son, How many show weh you don host???
Son, Bro aw many shows weh you don go???

Fuck u x2 with ur mas....ter
I'll still fuvk u 100years after

if really we rapping for sex
Then we ready to put couple dicks into ur mouth

Nigga swear you put in the mood,
So Am ready to fuck, coz you need some more

Top 10 you ain't even one,
Boi blinx tell me why are you making noise?

All this labels not ur mate bro
Fuck u so better watch ur mouth though,

Why are you barking like a
You ain't gang but you're screaming geng geng

I know to you this is an heart attack,
Disrespectful nigga, its just a matter of fact,

Boy, You talking bout jealousy, jealousy, and jealousy is fuckin ur loyalty
Who is asking you for the sex stories?
Who's ask you about the sex crown?

You weh dey talk beauty pageant there
No be you dey fuck JOY for house??

Mtcheww no be you dey follow Eve there?
No be you dey fuck vicky here???

Now you're talking about this labels ahhh?
Boy, ur PHLOZ music is not on the map

Ur boss JEGS is not proud of you
Boy, ur boss JEGS is just mad at you

Now am fuckin in ya privacy ya privacy am fuckin all ya legacy
But, do you think he have any legacy???

All this Beauty Queens are not ur class
Top...10 artists not ur type
You're a Bitch, you're dog, son am sorry
to say that you're a Snitch

Father I don't mean to get You angry
Help me tell this people that am sorry

Fockboiz we Coming thru and everybody know TBN Is the name
Come up to me an on Airline,
Nigga I'll crash you like KOBE BRYANT

Hey, no one here  is to be blamed,
But Ur disrespectful act put you in shame

Hello why are you dissing bakers here?.
While you're still feeding on bakers bread?

Like butterfly I wish to see you fly but ya little mind will still make you crawl

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