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Monday, March 30, 2020

Pioneer Mr Taraba And CEO Prime Planet , Reacts To Jeblinx Song 'The Epistle'

Pioneer Mr Taraba And  CEO Prime Planet Events Managers , Reacts To Jeblinx Song 'The Epistle' ( Letter To Taraba Entertainment Body ).

He wrote:

My name is bebb ubeh pioneer Mr taraba and present CEO prime planet event managers ,I have deemed it a necessity to address the said rapper ,who has took it upon himself to sabotage and fight pageantry in the state ,reason best know to him .

Let me start quickly by saying that in taraba there are over 10-15 pageantry contest ,some who are registered, while some are just on their own ,hence we can't give an account of how manny Queen and crown dwell within the state or how each contest conduct their contest ,but one thing is certain a queen in every pageantry platform is never force into doing things she does not want ,quote me anywhere , a queen has total freedom to what she wants and do concerning her person life. this means no queen maker will force a girl to sex with him or another person for crown unless she wants to do that.

The said rapper generalize all crown and pageantry platform as a sex organization, which mean he is definitely not expose and educated ,if pageantry will have a worldwide recognition and partnership of over 40 countries and companies then it goes beyond a sex firm ,the miss  universe and world have generate wealth and is still doing it, countries even consider it a great trophy to celebrate if the win ,so are other pageantry and modelling agencies.

So Mr man before you start ranting your mouth up and down , and channelling your skills to the wrong direction, I advice you take a chill pill to knowing things before you say them.
The said Queens you are fighting have achieve more than your whole career will ever

Queen fitami David owns a fashion clothesline of her own and is getting married to a decent man
Queen Eunice Sunday owns a multiple million naira beauty care company and is doing fine
Queen Ruth Philip is a business woman and entrepreneur now base in abuja doing great
Queen Martha, queen Ronnie, queen joy, queen morren are all boss ladies and queens in their prime.
Not forgetting queen Erica, who is now a graduate of law and is soon to be a barrister
Queen sarah bulus is not only making impact to her personal life but also her community as well, she even build a health care clinic in her community
All this queen listed and Manny more are graduates of tertiary institution with certificate to prove for it

So Mr rapper what have you achieve or created way to make impact, how do you define prostitution or is it that you don't know what you saying, let me ask you does sex pay the bills In pageantry, does it pay for hall, mc, lights, security, camp, etc so why do you think its that special for a queen maker to collect it rather than money. I understand you once hosted and crown miss mascom tsu a certain time and maybe you think the way and pattern you run your pageant in school is the same thing here, if you have a problem with a queen or queen maker address him or she and don't not generalize your and blameless accusations, hates on everyone, its not our fault if your candidate fail to stand out.

So for your own good Mr man, I advice you check yourself, if you feel like attacking queens will give you cheap publicity think twice and for the record we will need an apology for this particular nuisance you are creating, or blame yourself if we take actions or react back.

Pageantry owns the biggest stage in this state and also around the nation, a lady has influence more than you can imagine talk more a queen.
Do not let your ignorance, and lust for fame, make you loose everything be guided.
You are warned, hence advised. 🙏🏾

Bebb ubeh
I speak for prime and my queens

*Pride With Prime*

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Why do we always speak and act responsible in public places, while deep down within us we are hypocrite??
In life people only believe what they know and obviously what they see..
You can tell lies to everybody, but you can't lie to yourself and your God. So please let's reconsider our behavior's too.
I am Richard Isaac