"LYRICS: Jeblinx - The Epistle (Letter To Taraba Entertainment Industry)"

Before you get me wrong right here... This is not a diss,
This is not a beef song.... This is non of it,
But wetin i go yarn go be like alovera,
And if the beat na distraction kill the sound lemme go accapella

Small town big wahala,
Jealousy can make a nigga come kill a brother
And when you're not looking your best friend can chuk you dagger,
These are warms and viruses slowly eating Taraba,

Fake niggas...fake life Facebook,
Gold diggers...slay queens let's hook,
Welcome to my hood...That's the lifestyle,
Jalingo has more bars....than even a freestyle

Sex before and after crown...
Consuming our pageantry and making the heavens frown,
And when you go to church you see the brother laying down,
Who you fooling..... Everybody knows exactly what you are now,

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Sorry....I don't mean to make you cry,
But this is reality....fix your life.. You can try,
And stop comparing other cities work and build your own,
Cuz Lasgidi and Abuja had a purpose and a goal,

Nature has given gift to man,
The power to control the five elements of life,
But man got greedy.....so  understand,
Then he used the same elements to wipe away his clan...damnnn.

Only the poor get sense,
But the rich are only after alcohol,party and sex,
When you talk money they vex,
They just don't wanna invest,
In helping talent I guess,
In helping seeing progress

Every artist wanna be the first to...first to ...first to blow,
And forgetting mountain climbing can't be done alone,
When everybody wanna be the first to enter,
They'll be rushing and pushing and stampede...head scatter,

Be careful who you kiss,
We gat judasis..... And enemies
now posing as our hommmies
when you making it is pissing em
 they smiling but it's choking em.
Your happiness is killing em,
Be not afraid be Eminem,

And all the killing and kidnapping all nah smoke screen,
There is always politics behind the big screen,
They'll be starving you expecting you to not scream,
Do their dirty work and take the money deal or no deal....!!!!

The only rappers doing shit are Tino,Kankyi and bowk,
But the rest of you rappers are just rapping to fuck,
Me I go talk.....
Cock suckers yuk.....

This is Taraba
Big dreams.....small minds
You're using people's career for child's play.
Seeking loyalty for dues you have not paid

Now everylady wants be a beauty Queen,
And everyguy wants be an artist just to show off and piss the next person......and they go to any extend to get what they don't or can't have
Cheap fame and all that shit........

This is the local championship mentality

And for the so called record labels who have currently in Taraba!!! Hahahaa......this is for you.
(Fart) Our artist deserve better